Aug 31

Social Media Optimization: What It Is And How It Can Help You Market

Written By Gregg Medaglia


Social Media Optimization: What It Is And How It Can Help You MarketSMO, or Social Media Optimization, is a marketing concept that has been around longer than you might think.  Originating in a blog written by Rohit Bhargava (author, professor and Ogilvy SVP) back in 2006, the idea that businesses could create a social media-based methodology to improve their websites’ online positioning quickly went viral.  In a world dominated by Facebook,Twitter and now, Google+, SMO isn’t optional — it’s a marketing requirement.   
At its core, social media optimization is about creating content that leverages social media to increase web traffic for a particular company, service or product.  By promoting opportunities for dialogue, information exchange and community-building within social media platforms, a company can develop an extensive user base, uncover solid leads and deepen engagement with potential customers.  An expanded online presence will also result in better search engine performance, enabling your information to be found in the first place.

There are two basic approaches to SMO.  The first is to add social media elements to the content itself — embed common social media functionality in what would otherwise be static online material.  ”Share” buttons and user rating systems are frequently used to enhance user engagement, and to encourage users to promote material on their own online networks.  RSS feeds can keep users connected to a company’s business developments, and polling tools give a sense of how products are received in the marketplace.

The second approach to SMO uses social media itself as a platform for marketing efforts.  Creating a corporate blog or an online discussion group is a frequently-used method.  Another is to maintain a presence on Facebook or Twitter — often with special “friends & followers only” specials. The goal is simply to build and maintain an online community that will publicly champion the business, give regular feedback and provide future sales leads.

Because they can incorporate a number of these facets of social media optimization, social white papers represent  a tremendous opportunity for companies seeking to make better use of their online content.  Designed for sharing, feedback-gathering and online collaboration, social white papers are an easy way to enter the world of SMO.

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