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Jan 09

Monitoring Metrics? Don’t Miss These 3

The digital age has given us multiple opportunities to check, monitor and report on virtually every action that is taken by prospects, customers, employees, suppliers or just casual visitors to your business’ website. With so many different options, which metrics are the best to monitor regularly for your business?

Jan 03

3 Tips For Creating An Effective AdWords Campaign

Google AdWords has been available for some time for online marketing of business products and services. The technique of using AdWords has evolved significantly over the years, and can be quite complicated to fully utilize for some companies.

Jan 10

Keyword Optimization Critical In Social Media Marketing: Implement It In Your White Papers

Businesses are quickly making the transition from traditional print marketing to a more versatile and long-term strategy – social media marketing online. Why? Because social media marketing allows content such as the traditional white paper to serve multiple purposes through sharing and keyword optimization.

Dec 14

Optimize Your Marketing Content To Increase Your Pass-Along Chances

While you may be developing stellar content, it’s still possible that you aren’t making any inroads with new audiences.  Why not? The answer may lie in how strategically you’re thinking about the material you produce. If you’re looking to optimize marketing content, you need to approach that content with more than just your initial audience…

Nov 14

Do You Need A Social Media Manager?

Creating and maintaining an effective social media strategy takes time — which is exactly why your email inbox is probably flooded with offers from companies that are willing to do it for you.

Oct 27

What Is Social Media Optimization, And How Can It Help You?

There’s something in us that strives to be perfect. As human beings functioning in a difficult and challenging environment, we all work tirelessly to make things better.