Candice Farrell

Director of Marketing

Candice brings to B2Lead a background in communications and marketing to Enterprise, B2B, and B2C including technology, financial, healthcare, and professional service segments.

She is a former publisher and managing editor who is able to look at messaging from both a marketing and sales standpoint. She’s a technical content copywriter, a graphic designer, and a web designer. Her experiences and abilities have contributed to the successful marketing of SaaS solutions to finance and technology, and the C-suite.

Candice’s skill at wording technical content led Candice to B2Lead. As Director of Marketing, Candice supports and promotes the B2Lead brand and reputation. She manages communications, the development of core assets – including the corporate website and content sites, PR, social media, collateral, and events. Candice is responsible for integrated digital marketing; programs in support of thought-leadership and partner development. She oversees digital marketing strategies, including metrics and process improvement.

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