Adriana Headley

Director of Administrative Services

Adriana Headley brings over 12 years of diverse experience in administrative and financial management to B2Lead, drawing from her foundational background in governmental organizations. Her proficiency spans areas such as HR, Finance, and Project Management. She has played pivotal roles in significant projects, from digitizing traditional paper systems to streamlining medical billing processes for a vast clientele and efficiently managing rent for numerous properties.

A notable achievement in her tenure was the in-house integration of HR, reflecting her dedication to enhancing company culture and operational efficiency. Adriana’s approach is characterized by her emphasis on inclusivity, proactive problem-solving, and ensuring every team member feels integral to the company’s success.

Outside of her professional realm, she treasures moments with her daughters, Arya and Mia, and has a passion for karaoke, binge-watching, and crafts.

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