Quality Leads

We deliver quality leads and we stand behind them with a guarantee.  Our team and our processes focus on bringing you the best leads, campaign after campaign.

Start with Quality Contacts

Start with Quality Contacts

To fulfill your campaign, we start with verified contact and company information. It’s a process that we’ve perfected over ten years and thousands of campaigns.


Our process includes multiple verifications for contact and company information.

• Contact email address via third party sources

• Contact title, job level, and department

• Company size, location, industry, and annual revenue

• Supporting internet research and verification, including LinkedIn

• Contact, company and industry data matches sourced business data

• Phone number accuracy and employment confirmation

• Visual inspection

Deliver Quality Leads

We continue the focus on generating quality leads by delivering content on the LeadStory Platform.


The platform ensures that security bots are not delivered as leads. We go beyond the click to determine if security bots are triggering false opens. In fact, our Bot Recognition Program has delivered some surprising results for our clients who used the program to test their campaign analytics.

Quality leads are leads that have proven interaction with your content. Using LeadStory, we’re able to score and report on contact’s the level of interaction with multiple pieces of content within your campaign.

Deliver Quality Leads

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