LeadStory Platform

LeadStory’s viewer enhances reader experience.

Manage campaigns. Promote and measure engagement.


LeadStory Platform™ promotes engagement and provides a seamless user experience as readers move between YOUR content inside the viewer. It enables you to group and deliver content built in various formats (PDF, jpeg, etc. ) with one link.

  • Take campaigns, including ABM, to the next level when you leverage existing content and align your message with your target audience.
  • Establish lead qualification based on reader engagement. Emailed PDF files only show open clicks. Go beyond the click to know how readers interact with your content.
  • LeadStory offers detailed reporting on activity, engagement, custom questions, A/B testing, and more.
  • One link, multiple assets. Display multiple assets for advanced content segmentation within your campaigns — including white papers, ebooks, research papers, infographics, videos, on-demand webinars, and more.



LeadStory’s viewer enhances user experience


The LeadStory Platform enhances user experience in addition to helping marketers deliver and track their campaigns.

  • LeadStory’s viewer provides a seamless user experience so readers can view and navigate between multiple pieces of content with ease.
  • Online security policies discourage the download of content. Readers can access your content on any browser so no download is required.
  • Content can be viewed on any device — desktop, tablet or mobile.
  • No app to download.
  • Social sharing from the platform.


Understanding engagement helps us find quality leads that have the potential to become your clients.


We built LeadStory Platform to better understand engagement as a measure intent. We’re not looking for just a click or an open. We want to measure actual engagement such as how long someone reads your content; did they share with their colleagues or on social media? We want to know if they’re a reader or an advocate of your company.

  • Send multiple documents that originated in different formats at one time — with just one link.
  • The LeadStory viewer acts like a deliver envelope for your content so you control what the reader sees.
  • Campaign can include multiple documents to tell your unique story, engage readers and build interest.
  • No need to install a program or an app. LeadStory gives readers a seamless viewing experience across multiple documents, built in multiple formats.
  • No need to download anything. Branded content is converted to HTML5 so your content can be viewed from any device — on any browser.
  • Your campaigns are un-gated for email recipients. They never have to register to view content.
  • Campaign content can be emailed and shared on social so your campaign can reach a wider audience.

Activity and Campaign Engagement Reporting


To understand the interaction with your content and gauge their intent, you need to go beyond sending an email and attaching a PDF. Our Activity Report gives you insight into each lead’s activity with your content and assigns an engagement score.  The Campaign Engagement Report is a summation of campaign activity across all opens. Your white papers, videos, web links and pricing sheets are ranked by performance within the campaign.

Advanced Content Segmentation and ABM


Offer a more complete introduction of your company, product, or message by delivering multiple assets simultaneously.

Content positioning within the viewer can emulate the process of a prospect moving down the funnel. The LeadStory campaigns can be configured to leverages multiple assets to increase engagement and drive leads.

ABM campaigns focus on targeted messaging to complex segments. The LeadStory Platform allows us to deliver campaigns based on this concept. Messaging an array of content that allows you to tell a more complete story and determine the level of interest within a target account based on interaction. Learn more about ABM with LeadStory Platform.

A/B Testing


Follow your campaigns in real-time. Understand which content is performing best within the campaign to further develop your message. Test new content and compare engagement levels with our databases before you deliver new messaging to your in-house database.

Opens and clicks on your email campaigns can be hugely important—but what if they mean nothing at all?

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