Trusted Partners

Trusted Partners work exclusively with B2Lead to help us fulfill lead program requirements and extend our network on a global scale. We may leverage our network for BANT, ABM Targeted Accounts, anything with qualifying or custom questions, high volume campaigns, and specific international GEOs.

Partner databases are checked against our B2Lead databases using our proprietary processes. Contact information is validated through a third party prior to delivery.

B2Lead databases are used exclusively for leads generated in the United States and select EMEA countries.Partners are located in the following areas: USA, EMEA, ANZ, Latin America, APAC, India.


Dedicated Centers

B2Lead currently contracts with call centers in 5 countries. These teams focus only on our client campaigns and are trained by B2Lead to maintain the highest quality. Our centers are located in the United States (75 seats), United Kingdom (125 seats), Dominican Republic (50 seats), Phillipines (50 seats), Belize (25 seats), and India (150 seats).

Our centers are used for content syndication, MQL, SQL,HQL, webinar registration and our verification process.

All leads produced by these centers follow the same stringent lead verification policy as our email leads and are guaranteed 100% accurate or they’re replaced.

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