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This page is designed to provide you with access to our extensive library of white papers and videos, covering a wide range of topics from database strategies and contact acquisition to lead nurturing and conversion optimization. Whether you’re a marketing practitioner looking to enhance your skills or a business leader seeking new ideas and inspiration, our resources are tailored to meet your specific needs. We invite you to explore our content and download the resources that resonate with you.

This white paper, sponsored by B2Lead, focuses on the State of Full Funnel Demand Generation and how B2B marketers can leverage technology and data to humanize lead engagement. Lead generation is crucial to B2B marketing, but with the convergence of the physical and digital worlds, it’s becoming more challenging to understand the best strategies for engaging prospects and generating valuable leads.

The report highlights the most effective ways to drive leads and re-engage past customers, featuring insights from leading industry experts on topics such as the newest, most successful lead generation channels and how to maximize engagement on each one, how to humanize the lead generation process beyond form fills and into targeted outreach campaigns, and the must-have strategies assisting marketing teams in their lead scoring and generation efforts. Marketers can benefit from downloading this asset to learn about optimizing lead gen strategies to drive engagement, evaluating a channel’s performance, gaining insight from existing customers, and identifying areas for potential growth and expansion.

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B2B marketers are prioritizing 1:1 connections to generate account and contact insights. This sponsored white paper by B2Lead examines the state of database strategies and contact acquisition in 2023, with a focus on improving first-party data collection processes.

Key findings indicate that 69% of practitioners plan to increase their investment in database strategies this year, with a shift towards a balance of retention and acquisition. The paper also highlights five areas of buyer insights that practitioners struggle to tap into and the challenges they face with collecting account-level data. Additionally, it identifies gaps in contact information and the reasons for investing in better data enrichment practices.

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The recent pandemic, layoffs, the Great Resignation, and the phenomenon of “quiet quitting” have all had an impact on the labor market. To make sense of what this means for marketers and agencies, hear from our VP of Marketing and Product, Laura Ashley.

During the session, she’ll review a few different trends in employment that affect database churn. She’ll also discuss how to identify these trends and what they mean for your target audience.

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Marketers are jumping on the intent data bandwagon, investing big time to capture prospective buyer behavior. With buying committees popping up everywhere and employee turnover at an all-time high though, it’s not easy for marketers to use this intel effectively.

In this report, see what your marketing peers have to say about the challenges and opportunities presented by buyer intent and signal data and the tools and approaches to leveraging it.

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Marketing teams that want to stay on top of their game need an edge, and luckily for them there is one thing in particular that can give marketers all they’re looking for: data. We all know that contact information and demographics is important when it comes to marketing, but what about deeper intelligence on buyers?

This special report explores how B2B marketers are producing and procuring higher quality data. It also features Laura Ashley, VP of Marketing and Product at B2Lead, and discusses how employment trends can affect your database marketing and lead generation strategies.

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