State of Full Funnel Demand Generation

This white paper, sponsored by B2Lead, explores the state of full funnel demand generation, focusing on leveraging tech and data to humanize lead engagement. The report examines the most effective ways to drive leads and re-engage past customers, featuring insights from leading industry experts on topics such as the newest, most successful lead generation channels, how to humanize the lead generation process beyond form fills and into targeted outreach campaigns, and the must-have strategies assisting marketing teams in their lead scoring and generation efforts.

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According to the report, lead generation takes a targeted approach and it is essential to evaluate a channel’s performance and gain insight from existing customers on their experience. The report also points out that optimizing lead gen strategies to drive engagement means it is essential to evaluate a channel’s performance and gain insight from existing customers on their experience. Additionally, marketers should inquire where current clients received most of the information that guided their buying decision to identify areas for potential growth and expansion.

The report also touches on the multiverse of lead generation, where demand generation marketers already live in a world of lead creation, lead nurturing, and even lead qualification — multiple streams running side by side, concurrently. The report suggests that clients purchase discreet HQL or SQL programs, leaving behind the less qualified leads that still meet their target criteria.

Some of the key points made in the report include:

  • Lead generation is essential to B2B marketing, with 61% of marketers ranking lead generation as their No. 1 challenge.
  • The opportunity for creative solutions and pioneering approaches has never been more prevalent, allowing companies to offer a different buyer experience that can create brand recognition and usher in new clients.
  • 85% of marketers believe customers expect a personalized experience, but less than half (47%) consider improving customer engagement and loyalty a priority.
  • B2B customers will connect with three marketing channels on average before closing, the average number of touches before a B2B deal is closed is 31, and the average B2B customer journey takes 192 days from anonymous first touch to won.

Overall, the report offers valuable insights and strategies for B2B marketers looking to optimize their lead generation efforts and generate more valuable leads.

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