Make A/B Testing an Important Part of Your Strategy

We know that A/B testing done consistently and over time can significantly improve open rates and result in more leads. B2Lead Account Managers test virtually every part of your campaign. They can compare body of text used along with other important variables such as headlines, subject lines, calls to action, offers, template colors and more.

A/B testing, done consistently, can improve conversions substantially. It’s not a quick process. We’re looking for the most accurate results. Depending on your target, traffic and other factors, we might run tests over a few days or extend them to a couple of weeks. We can monitor the continued effectiveness of your message and strategy through regular testing.

Your Account Manager will help guide you in the process and analyze the results to determine further action based on factors such as open rates, click-through rates and conversion rates. Having actionable information can often lead you to craft more effective marketing materials from the outset. Knowing what actually works in your campaigns helps you develop your strategy and reach your goals.


  • Test new content with our database instead of yours.
  • Understand which content is performing best within the campaign to further develop your message.
  • Follow campaigns in real-time.

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