Account-Based Marketing Meets Inbound Content Strategy

ABM campaigns focus on targeted messaging to complex segments and we deliver advanced campaigns based on this concept. The strategy has gained popularity over recent years but there are clear hurdles to content development and distribution. The LeadStory Platform™ allows us to deliver advanced campaigns based on this concept while enhancing content experience. Delivering multiple pieces of content:

  • Makes your campaign more effective by giving a more complete message with supporting information
  • Adds to the likelihood that your content will resonate with the reader


We take ABM principles to the top of the funnel.


Whether marketers are delivering inbound-style or ABM-targeted content, most think of delivering white papers, eBooks, case studies etc. via campaigns with single information points for readers to digest. We deliver your content on a platform that allows you to deliver multiple pieces of content and create a “content experience” for your reader. Delivering multiple pieces of content simultaneously:

  • Lets you continue to use your inbound content at scale, as a source of new customer discovery
  • Allows you to seamlessly move interested readers towards your Programmatic ABM content


Drip campaigns are used to build awareness but they require you to find the right person, at the right company, at the right time. Leads are added to your list and you keep sending your message, over and over, until your contact is ready to reach out or they just opt-out. We approach campaigns and content differently because sharing multiple pieces of content simultaneously can tell your story BETTER and ultimately amplify campaign results. Content can be viewed on line, saved to the library and shared across targeted companies with ease.


The B2Lead team develops campaigns that deliver targeted content to potential clients using the LeadStory Platform. The platform and viewer present multiple pieces of content and generate reports that help:

  • Determine the level of engagement across all content
  • Determine where your audience is in the buying cycle



The ABM Content Challenge:

How Inbound Content Strategy Can Work with Account-Based Marketing


This informative white paper by Gregg Medaglia, CEO at B2Lead, explores leveraging your existing inbound content for effective, targeted ABM campaigns that scale.

Account Based Marketing (ABM) continues to gain popularity as B2B marketers embrace this marketing approach in growing numbers. Clearly, there are major benefits to ABM implementation. ABM techniques, as you’ve probably discovered, offer inherent hurdles in content development and distribution. Unlike standard content marketing—where the main goal is to create content that attracts the attention of a large audience—ABM content is tailored to meet the needs and interests of the specific accounts identified as being your ideal “best-fit” customers. Such personalized content requires intense research on targeted accounts and can be difficult to scale.


Learn more about inbound and ABM strategies including:

  • Implementing ABM as an “AND” inbound not an “OR” inbound exercise.
  • Content Experience and why it’s key to the integration of inbound and programmatic marketing
  • Inbound content and the ABM Personalization Spectrum

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