Custom Campaigns and Programs

Qualify leads with programs that feature custom and BANT specific questions. Gain important insights to help you prioritize your marketing efforts. We’ve listed some


BANT Program Outline

  • Target Defined: The target audience is defined. Customer campaigns and reports are built.
  • Call Center Survey: The target audience is contacted with basic BANT or custom survey questions. Use pre-defined BANT questions or create up to 8 custom questions for your next program.
  • Content Delivered: Content is delivered to the confirmed email address.
  • Confirmation Email: A confirmation email is sent following content download.
  • Activity Report: Engagement Activity and Cumullative Content Reports show content and call center activity.

B2Lead offers tele-qualified BANT Programs that assess lead priorities based on budget, authority, need, and timeline (BANT). In addition to BANT, our call center can assign a lead “Attitude” label.


Pilot Programs

Pilot programs offer the chance to test campaign messaging and lead quality.


Drip and Nurture Campaigns

Build recognition. Your B2Lead Account Manager can build a program that includes drip campaigns and lead nurture campaigns based on pre-defined rules.


Geo Specific Campaigns

Target campaigns based on geographical locations such as specific state, metro area, or zip code.


Global Services

US-only staff and off-shore services to accommodate audiences in every time zone.