David Ferren


David joined B2Lead in 2017 and soon became Director of Operations. He brought with him over 10 years of Project Management experience in serving technology-based industries and research organizations. His key responsibilities included project management, demand generation, account management, and research of industry trends. David’s demonstrated ability lead his teams and to disseminate information across multiple business units were key to his success in his role as director.  

David has accepted the role of Chief Operating Officer in 2021. In his tenure at B2Lead, he become a key advisor to our CEO and has been instrumental in building a solid operational and organizational structure that will allow B2Lead to grow in years to come.  In his role as COO, he is responsible for orchestrating the integration of goals and objectives across multiple departments, including Marketing, Sales, Product Management, HR, and Operations. 

Dave likes SCUBA diving, golfing, camping, off-roading and hiking mountains in the middle of nowhere. He and his family live in San Diego, California. He doesn’t want to make you feel badly so don’t ask him about the weather. 

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