Gregg Medaglia


Gregg cofounded B2Lead with the idea that there was a better way to manage content marketing for business-to-business lead generation; to fundamentally improve the way B2B marketing utilizes white papers and thought-leadership content.

As CEO, Gregg leads the company and directs the processes and innovations that place B2Lead as a market leader. He has an extensive background in B2B lead generation. The initial development of the content platform was based on the insight he gained from managing campaigns for enterprise clients and publishers.

Gregg’s professional experience includes Senior Manager at Catalyst Investment Funding; Senior Manager, Business Development at Informix; Partner Development Manager at Gupta Inc.- Centura Software Corp and NeXT Computer.

A graduate of University of California/Davis with a BS in Economics, Gregg also studied at the University of East Anglia, Norwich, England.

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