Better lead campaigns. Smarter content marketing.

Leverage your white paper library and next-gen content delivery for deep insight into the buyer’s journey.

Quality, Guaranteed Leads

B2Lead’s content syndication programs feature guaranteed leads based on your uniquely defined criteria. Contact information is captured across our vast network, verified, and delivered in a consolidated report.. No duplicates.

Syndicated Publisher Network

B2Lead delivers multi-channel, targeted lead generation and marketing programs for B2B marketers. Your B2B campaigns run across B2Lead's syndicated network of over 13 million readers and multiple media outlets.

Jump Start Your Sales Cycle

Identify your best prospects and present your solution to influencers and decision makers — at the time they’re doing their research. Thought-leadership white papers, ebooks, webinars, and other assets generate demand.

Social Discovery

Capture sharing activity when CloudPapers appear in social communities such as forums, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Readers find your CloudPaper site via social media because someone shared your content and that's a great recommendation.

Cloud-based Platform

Campaigns move from emails with static PDF attachments to a branded platform in the cloud. Cloudpapers are easily found by search engines. Social sharing and reader interaction is tracked resulting in enhanced lead scores.

Mobile Friendly

It's most likely that your audience will access your content on a mobile device. CloudPapers is delivered in a standard format that can be read by all browsers. PDFs are easy to use on many devices. We use one-click registration to make it easy for mobile audiences to register.
Target prospects across the entire sales cycle.

Why deliver one piece of content at a time when you can offer assets that target prospects across the entire sales cycle? CloudPapers Platform delivers multiple pieces of branded content simultaneously and tracks reader engagement with detailed analytics. When you combine content segmentation with behavioral tracking you quickly and effectively identify your better leads and where they are along the buyer’s journey.

  • “The flexibility of B2Lead’s lead delivery is amazing! Our clients can upload their leads into Marketo, Salesforce, Eloqua, or even the Integrate platform.  B2Lead will deliver them via spreadsheet or work with client IT departments to build a custom API or HTTP POST. They are always part of our RFP process."  

    Account Manager, International Digital Agency
  • “We track ROI every quarter to determine how to distribute our lead generation needs across multiple of suppliers.  B2Lead has consistently achieved our ROI goals as one of our best suppliers for the past 3 years."

    Director, Demand Generation — Security Software Vendor
  • “B2Lead is our top lead generation partner.  They've been able to provide a large volume of leads for our client while maintaining incredibly high quality.”

    Partner Manager, Leading IT Publisher
  • “We've used many different vendors/partners over the past 3 years to help build our top of funnel programs but B2Lead is the most unique.  They provide lead details that no other partner provides.  They give us an engagement activity report so we really know whether or not the prospect actually read our content and how they interacted with it.  You can’t get that kind of insight from any other partner that uses a basic PDF for lead delivery.

    VP of Marketing, Leading Enterprise Software Company