A Chat with Uky Chong about Content Strategies and ABM

An Interview with Uky Chong, GM-US, Inbox Insight

We had a great conversation with Uky about the importance of B2BMX; the knowledge and strategies that are shared; and the conversations that bring his team back, year after year.

Uky is General Manager-US of Inbox Insights. They specialize in B2B content amplification, as well as, inbound and outbound programs for their clients. Their flagship solution looks to drive 100% digital, organic inbound leads for their clients. Your can learn more about their solutions by visiting InboxInsights.com.

ABM is a big deal and Uky shared his views about it and the concept that the ABM is not an “OR” but and “AND strategy. Additionally, true ABM is about how can you put your content in front of companies in the right way to help them make decision. Sending email to one or two people in a company makes no sense, when typically there are 6-7 people who make decisions in that company.

Be sure to listen for the information Uky shared on a recent survey that showed marketers are looking at dedicating almost half are going to start 25-50%, and another 50% are increasing their spend on ABM.

Marketers are zeroing in and looking to adopt put together full-funnel approach to marketing, with tools like look-alike modeling and predictive scoring. That being the case, Uky shares his belief that market intelligence and true intent comes from the person you’re trying to engage with. Listen to the TechConnectr/BMBMX podcast to learn more.

TechConnectr and B2Lead Podcast with Uky Chong from #B2BMX in Scottsdale

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