Recommendations for Marketing During COVID-19

Mark Nachlis, Chief Growth Officer at B2Lead, Shares Some Thoughts on Strategy and Lead Gen

There are so many postings about COVID-19, how to market or how NOT to market.  Here are some of my recommendations:

• Take this time to slow down. Review your strategy. Review your processes. Review your budget and repurpose when necessary.

• Learn something new, like LinkedIn advertising, email 2 touch, or just something.

• Spend your time creating good content that goes beyond TOF or for your next ABM campaign.

• All the traditional approaches to lead generation may not work. No Telemarketing during this time. Find a great lead generation partner and start a relationship that you can grow with meaning. Run email today, then transition to TM and SDR programs down the road when the world gets back on its feet.

• Also, BE CAREFUL because everything you’ve previously done to be successful may not work. There are NO experts here… Seriously, how can you be an expert when nothing like this has happened?… Oh yeah, EVER.

• Consult with your peers, use common sense, try not to hurt your brand by posting just another COVID-19 info post, and keep marketing.

Stay safe,


How will you continue to market during these sensitive times?

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